1 - How will I receive my account after purchasing?

You will be taken to a secure page containing your account's credentials right after the payment is completed. An email containing the credentials will also be sent as a measure of safety.

2 - Which payment processors are available?

We are currently accepting Paypal and most popular credit cards.

3 - Can I change the password on the account?

It is not required, but we recommend that you change the password to one of your own. Please note that we will require the working password to provide a replacement. It is your responsability to keep the account safe.

4 - Is my account under warranty?

All our accounts are guaranteed to work for the next 48 hours following the payment. Please refer to our Terms of Services(6) for full details about our warranty policy.

5 - How do you calculate your prices?

We watch the market closely to offer the cheapest prices. Our prices depend on multiple factors such as Level, CP, Rarity and IV%.

6 - How often do you update your accounts stock?

We try to deploy new accounts every 2-3 business days. This delay ensures an optimal quality for every accounts.

7 - Can I choose the team on my account?

You can view the team of the account by clicking the "VIEW ACCOUNT DETAILS" button. If the team is set to "Neutral", it means you can pick your own.

8 - Can my account get banned?

Buying an account goes against Niantic's Terms of Services and may result in a ban. We can only verify that the account is working before the transaction. We cannot be held responsible for a ban due to the user's actions.

9 - Help, my purchased account is not the expected level?

Completing the beginning tutorial(choose a name, look and catch a Pokémon) will level up the account to the purchased level.

10 - I am a Korean player, how can I login to the account from FlameAccounts?

If you are a Korean player, please go to this link for instructions on how to login.

11 - What is a shadowban and how can I remove it ?

An account that is shadowbanned will be blinded from the sight of any Rare Pokémons. However, the shadowban is temporary in all cases. Our - Shadowban Remover - package will remove the shadowban from your account within 7 to 10 days if you think your account might be shadowbanned.

12 - Do you have any Pokémons crossed with red slash in your accounts ?

We have been able to remove roughly 99.9% of all Pokémons with red marks from our accounts. If a red cross is still present on any of the Pokémons, it will be shown to you directly on our website.

Boost Packages:

1 - Can I get banned from buying a boost package on my account?

Allowing another party to play on your account goes against Niantic's Terms of Services and may result in a ban. However, we use the safest methods to avoid bans.

2 - Can I purchase multiple boosts at once?

Yes, you are able to purchase multiple boosts. Please note that these boosts will be finished consecutively. For example: If you purchase two 48 hour boosts, you may have to wait up to 96 hours before the boosts are both complete.

3 - Can you offer XYZ as a boost package?

If you would like to suggest a package, you can message our team on Facebook. We look carefully at any suggestions and will add any to our available packages that are shown an overwhelming support.

4 - What CP/IV will the boosted Pokémon(s) be?

Unless otherwise stated, the CP and IV of our boosted Pokémons are random.

5 - How do boost packages work?

After purchasing a boost package, you provide our team with your login information. Our field trainers then take control of your account and catch the Pokémon or items that you have ordered.

6 - Are boost packages refundable?

We will refund any boost package that has not been used or was not deemed feasible on your account by our field trainers. However, if a boost package was completed by our team on your account , we won’t be able to refund for any reasons.